All About Pearls



Pearl Perfection take the upmost pride in providing simply beautiful freashwater pearls. Under no circumstances do we buy or sell faux/fake/imitation pearls. All freshwater pearls are handpicked and triple-checked before we begin our manufacturing process.



Pearls, the only gem to be created by a living organism, require a little special care to keep them looking their best. The surface of pearls can be easily scratched. This is why Pearl Perfection provides soft pouches for our range of jewellery. Storing pearl jewellery in these pouches will protect the pearls from damage. Pearls also absorb oils and moisture - so it is always a good idea to avoid contact with sunscreen, moisturizers, and perfumes. Wiping the pearls with a soft cloth prior to putting them away after wearing will ensure that they keep their gentle lustre and beautiful colour. All of our strung pearls are knotted on twin silk - as in time the thread can stretch and become soiled, it is a good idea to have pearls restrung every one or two years, depending on frequency of wear. If pearls aren't worn for a while, they enjoy being exposed to the humidity provided by a steamy bathroom once in a while - they really don't like to be dried out! Pearl Perfection provides care cards for our beautiful pieces - please ensure they are included in the packaging with each item!